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Discover How Our Quality Hand-crafted Candles Will Save You Money While Beautifying Your Home

Welcome to Candle Headquarters -
where hand-crafted candlemaking techniques bring you the finest scented candles and quality e liquid flavors wholesale in today's market plus a wide candle selection to choose from.
Candle Headquarters features wax candles, branson mo shows and candle accessories created by "people who care". We feature unique specialty candle creations such as glow ball candles, glow cake candles, loaf candles, tie-dyed candles, chunky candles, jar candles, votives, tealights, tarts and floaters and our famous animal and figurine candles as well as candle holders and candle accessories.

Proven Results of Long-Lasting Fragrances

Candleheadquarters is our online division of Mountain View Candles. Mark and Lisa Wilcox continue to expand the candle selections by creating unique novelty candle designs and candle creations. They use top-quality fragrances to add to your home's interior beauty. Candlemaking is our business, it makes our heart beat, it's in our blood and we are proud of our quality hand-crafted candles and the selection of candle holders and candle accessories we have added to make your shopping experience on our website a pleasure. We know that you will find our scented candles to be of superior long-lasting quality.

If you are in need of quality candles, scented wax or gel candles with long-lasting fragrances, candleholders and fine ceramic creations for displaying your candles, you have found your destination. Let us show you the fine products we have.

Our store will be updated frequently, so please and stop back often to see "what's new" and to take advantage of dollar savings on our "specials". You can depend on us to give you fine service and quality merchandise. Thank you for visiting us.


We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, CASHIER'S CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS on our Secure Site supported by Electronic Commerce International. Our products can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

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